Residential Smoke Damage

UDECON's line of products are non-toxic and are the most effective deodorizing products in the world.

Homes and commercial buildings not burned directly by fires still have significant challenges to overcome prior to a safe return. In addition to the offensive odors and ash from smoke damage, significant levels of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, acrolein, sulfur dioxide, etc... continue to pollute the buildings and personal affects long after the cosmetic issues have been resolved. 

UDECON's line of commercial products, originally developed under license to the federal government as counter measures for chemical and biological warfare agents, are the ONLY products in the market today that eliminate the irritating smoke odors as well as their dangerous chemical byproducts. All UDECON's products are non-toxic and are the most effective deodorizing products in the world.

Understanding Odor Control and the Neutralization of the Toxic Chemicals that Causes the Odors

Odor Control: To understand the process of odor control and neutralization, it is first necessary to understand the make-up of an odor. Generally, unpleasant odors consist of nitrogen and sulfur, and can be quite foul.
In order to detect an odor the responsible compound needs to be volatile (airborne.) The compound can then stimulate the olfactory glands in the nose and cause a number of complex reactions resulting in what we refer to as "smell." With some compounds only a few molecules may be needed to cause this reaction. Others remain undetectable even when they are present in high concentrations. This situation can be very dangerous if the compound is a lethal one, such as Hydrogen Sulfide.

Odor control is often achieved in two ways.

Masking is the concept behind air fresheners in that a pleasant smell is introduced in high enough concentrations to mask the unpleasant smell. The nose then only detects the pleasant smell. The drawback to this approach is that the foul smell is not removed but remains in the background and the masking agent may be required repeatedly. This does not eliminate the root problem of the chemical toxin that is still present.

UDECON's Neutralization Process is the process that nullifies the odor-producing compound, including those persistently produced. During this process the specially formulated agent is atomized and chemically cleaves to the molecular structure of the odor causing toxins thereby neutralizing the compound completely. The result is not just the elimination of the unpleasant smell but a light and fresh aroma to the location.

With a single application of decontaminant, you can shorten the time from initial claim to closure and significantly reduce or eliminate additional living expenses.

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