Commercial Consulting

We specialize in programs for those at a high risk of litigation.

UDECON's consulting division exists to develop air quality management programs for clients. We specialize in programs for those at a high risk of litigation. UDECON has developed strategic partnerships with individuals and companies who believe in uncompromising integrity within the indoor air quality industry. 

UDECON is a quality-driven company that strives to be a leader in our industry by serving a select few, with a goal of total customer satisfaction. We utilize innovative, cutting-edge techniques and have forged strategic partnerships so that we may provide value-added services to our clients. We develop air-quality management programs that provide a safe environment. This includes proactive litigation preparedness, insurance evaluation and planning, and recommending strategies "ahead of the curve". UDECON stays abreast of the latest technology advances, products and processes. 

UDECON employees are strategists and advocates for our clients, focused primarily on risk-management issues. Our first priority is to our clients, with whom we work closely in a team relationship. We understand our clients' needs, ensure a timely response to their concerns, and complete assignments on schedule through effective application of all necessary resources.