Full-Spectrum Care

Most of us lack the time, money and/or energy required for major foot surgery. So instead, we might get fitted with orthotics to temporarily alleviate the pain or correct our posture. Rather than getting a tooth pulled, we will favor the other side of the mouth, and brush more thoroughly to prevent it from getting worse. In this respect, we realize that most people are reluctant to put forth significant resources in the short-run, and would rather take smaller steps towards solving a problem with their Indoor Air Quality. Who can blame them?!

At UDECON, we serve both as primary care physicians and specialty surgeons. We can diagnose environmental issues and offer suggested care, or we can come in and completely remediate and remodel a basement. Every situation is different, and we appreciate the wide range of needs presented by our customers. Basically, we want to help in any way we can, regardless if “surgery” is required or even appropriate. At the very least, we want to “alleviate the pain” by providing you with quick and inexpensive ways in which you can take those first steps.

For more information on how we can help, check out our full range of services, or sign up for our newsletter for updates.  And you can always give us a call at 616-245-3711 to talk to a member of our team!



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